• 06 September, 2021

Recently new postage stamp blocks and first day cover were released at the Ministry of Culture, commemorating the 2230 years of the first Mongol State and the 100th anniversary of the People’s Revolution in 1921.

The postage stamp block, dedicated to the 2230 years of the first Mongol State depicts artefacts and silverwares that were found during the archaeological excavations carried out in 2011 and 2019 respectively on the ancient burial grounds belonging to the Huns, which highlight stylised deer, peculiar to the Huns.

This stamp block was designed by artist G.Battor under the professional guidance and advice by Dr., Prof. D.Erdenebaatar,  Director of the Department of History and Archaeology of the Ulaanbaatar University and artist B. Khongorzul.

The other postage stamp, commemorating the centenary of the 1921 People’s Revolution in Mongolia, highlights the first three revolutionary leaders D. Sukhbaatar, D. Bodoo and S. Danzan. On the background of this postage stamp block are depicted the entry of the soldiers of the People’s Army into Khuree (former name of present-day Ulaanbaatar), the Banner of the Mongolian People’s Army, and other monuments related to the history 100 years ago.

The postage stamp blocks were put into circulation with the signing and stamping of the first day cover issued on the occasion by Ch. Nomin, Minister of Culture and B. Ankhbaatar, the CEO of “Mongol Post” company.